with custom-made earbuds

individually made for you

Husky Headphones are a hybrid between headphones and earphones and they give you a truly personalised experience that provides you with the best possible sound according to your choice of earphone. You’ll think you have a pair of speakers implanted in your head. And all this for hundreds of pounds, dollars and euros less than the next best alternative.

Why Husky Headphones? Huskies are remarkable dogs, in a league of their own. Part wolf, part man’s best friend. Beautiful, strong, independent, fiercely loyal, and outstandingly good at what they are bred to do. What’s more, they can hear a mouse move under three feet of snow … their ability to hear the fine details, beyond what we normally hear, is truly extraordinary. If you own a husky, you know they can hear a bag of treats being opened from 50 metres in a Gale Force 7 storm! They have a special relationship with sound and this is why our hybrids are called Husky Headphones.


So how do you get a pair?

Place an order on the website and we’ll send you a kit that you’ll use to either make your own earpieces, or to take an impression of your ears so we can make them for you in our lab. The do-it-yourself option is great, but our laboratory-made option is considerably better.

If you choose our recommended option, you take impressions of your ears (very easy to do) and then send these back to us and we’ll turn them into earpieces that perfectly mirror the shape of your ears and directs sound into your ear canal in a very special way. A way that is normally only experienced by professional musicians in studios or stars performing on stage (but at a far more affordable price).

Once we get your ear impressions, we make a pair of soft pliable earbuds in the shape of your ears and embed a pair of quality earphones into them (or your own favourite earphones). These become the “living” part your Huskies.

I remember the first time I listened to music this way. I was experimenting with an early design and I remember thinking this was something quite different to anything I had heard before (it was Marvin Gaye singing Let’s Get It On and I promise you I thought he was there in the room with me). I immediately knew I was onto something special.

To order a pair, please visit the Products page and choose the option that works best for you.


In addition to our high-end custom-made earbuds, we also offer a kit that allows you to make your own custom-made earpieces. They are not as good as the Husky Headphone offering, because they are not as comfortable (not as soft) and don’t sound as good, but they are much better than just a pair of earphones on their own.  They are available on our sister website RetroFit Your Earphones website.


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